Natural Hair and Weaves?

Thinking about getting a weave?

Sometimes you just want to give your hair a break. The two popular options are braiding and weaving, but getting a weave that looks real or close to real can be super tricky if you have natural hair. If your hair is not relaxed, leaving some uncovered to hide the tracks of your weave can also result in damage and breakage; since the only way to keep it looking good may be through repeated flat-ironing or tonging.

One good solution is to look for a curly/kinky weave that is closer to you hair texture and then part-braid the bits that are necessary to cover your tracks (no pun intended). The weave pictured here is a loose curl in off-black with brown highlights, and being synthetic; was actually quite affordable as it cost under $9. However, it was a good quality type of synthetic weave; and to make it look a little more natural I gently picked apart some of the strands and fluffed it out.

Don’t forget to take care of your hair even when it’s weaved/braided! I made sure to spritz my hair and scalp daily with a homemade moisturizer and applied some sheen to the weave regularly to keep it from looking dry and limp.

So, is this something you’d be willing to try?!


Suqa’s 2012 Facebook models!

We were extremely honoured to have some of our Facebook fans join us for a quick style and photo session as we head into the New Year. Here, ladies and gents are some of the lovely participants!

Hairstyle: The Tuck and Roll

Need to dodge a bad-hair-day-bullet? Here’s a quick style you can do on one of those days when you have absolutely no time to spare… which, incidentally, is how I ended up doing it! It was inspired by something I saw on Youtube a while back, although I can’t remember exactly where. All you need is freshly washed and conditioned hair, and a few bobby pins. No heat required – which is always a great thing. If you’d like your hair to be straighter or more stretched you can just put in a few quick braids the day before.

Style your braids!

Braids can get really boring…. most of us have two styles for them – up and down! But braids are a great protective style for your hair (as long as you keep them conditioned and moisturised) and there’s no reason for you to get bored with them. So we trawled through some videos to find you some detailed tutorials on different ways to take your braids from drab to glam!


1. Here’s a great tutorial for tiny human hair braids that will make it look like you have bangs!

2. Here are 3 interesting looks for larger braids:

3. Some more simple but pretty styles.. always make sure the color of your braids matches your complexion like she did!

4. And finally, here’s an advanced mohawk look if you’re looking for something with more punch!